9 Lessons and Carols

posted by: Joan | on: Saturday, 24 December 2016, 21:05

'Away in a Manger'

'Away in a Manger'

We went to our regular church for the usual 9 lessons and carol service, just as we have done in more years than I can remember. Of course it was truly beautiful, the church was packed, warm and cosy, the nine lessons were superbly read and the usual carol singing was beautiful. It was all so familiar that I hardly looked down at the service sheet that had been printed off for us.

Our vicar spoke of the long awaited Christ child to come into our lives yet again this year and spoke kindly of the carols that are sung every year however she said that many people including the clergy can become somewhat weary of listening to the same carols year after year, and now it is ‘day after day!’ And unfortunately, the Christmas message through carol singing can become a little commonplace and can in some ways lose a part of its message!

The vicar continued saying that she went shopping at her local supermarket a day or so before the service and whilst pushing her trolley around she stopped at the cheese counter and while trying to make up her mind what to buy she suddenly heard a carol being quietly sung. She said she looked around to see a little girl around three or four years old sitting in her mum’s trolley singing away while her young mum searched for a joint of meat for dinner. Our Vicar said that the sweet sounds made her stop short and all thoughts of cheese and shopping were forgotten. All seemed to fall quiet around her as she listened to this little child sing ‘Away in a manger.’ It was so beautiful and so meaningful that to her, it made the carol and the whole story of the birth of the Christ Child come alive again. Our Reverend never told us if she actually bought any cheese that day but with such a wonderful, innocent and spontaneous occurrence, somehow, buying a piece of cheese really didn’t matter.

Personally I don’t think I will ever hear the carol ‘Away in a manger’ sang again without that little story coming into my mind, and I never fail to find it amazing to learn that a child’s voice can turn something a little mundane into something so magical… MU Member

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