posted by: Joan Vine | on: Thursday, 25 May 2017, 11:15

Out of evil cometh good.

Out of evil cometh good.

Broken? Yes, but…‘Out of Evil cometh Good’

Nuts – Bolts – Nails – Planned, premeditated and deliberately executed - a barbaric crime against the innocent. Everything stopped with shock on the night of Monday 22nd of May 2017 to identify with the grieving and injured people of Manchester after 22year old Salman Abedi, born in Manchester of immigrant parents from Libya detonated a bomb killing himself and 22 young people including children as well as injuring over 60 others, some still in a critical condition, young people who had enjoyed a concert in the Manchester Arena by the American performer Ariana Grande.

But out of one barbaric act of evil comes good…

As news spread around the City of Manchester on Monday night people came together among the fear and chaos to try to bring some form of help and comfort to the dying, the injured and the fearful.

The police, fire crews, health professionals, the Red Cross and over 60 ambulance drivers and paramedics worked throughout the night as the dead and injured were ferried around the city to different hospitals which went on red alert to cope with the influx. Cleaners, porters, lab staff, nurses, surgeons on leave or off shift made their way to their respective hospitals to offer help… so many, that lots of them were sent home. People brought food and drink onto the streets and into the hospitals to provide nourishment for those working throughout the night. Taxi drivers were offering lifts home, free of charge to those who were lost, afraid and bewildered. Local people were opening their homes, offering a bed for the night for those who couldn’t get home. There were queues of people offering to give blood donations, while others came out into the streets to offer help, advice, food, water and whatever comfort they could.

The Prime Minister Theresa May took to Downing Street to condemn the suicide bomber saying that the murderous act was one of sickening cowardice, obviously affecting all peace-loving people around the world. Love or loathe him, President Trump was the first leader to contact our own Prime Minister to offer his condolences and help. Followed by the leaders of Canada, Australia, France, Germany, China and Russia along with many other leaders all condemning the act of violence against young, innocent children, young people and parents… Let us pray for the people of Manchester, who are hurting today. Joan Vine

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