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posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 18 April 2018, 14:43

God loves even the most humble of efforts

God loves even the most humble of efforts

I have heard it said and I am sure its true, that the Christian religion has inspired millions of artists throughout the last 2000 years, just think of the Gospels? Then there are those who paint: Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Michelangelo, and of course the Christian sculptors who have produced amazing statues. What about the many Christian poets, musicians, composers and hymn writers, Think of all the Christian authors and their mind-stimulating books? All inspired by Christ’s birth, life, death and ascension. Also, we mustn’t forget all the soloists, groups and choirs, that sing of God’s glory, and of course there are many amazing tapestries and needle craft items that have been worked by enthused designers and nimble fingers - The list is endless. And all moved by the life of Jesus and inspired by God…

Last year, on a very humble level of course, we were singing a hymn at our usual 10.30am service when my mind suddenly went off track as alternative words to the verses started to come to me… I was so moved that I couldn’t wait to get home to write down the thoughts that had been inspired by such a beautiful hymn… I took the liberty of uploading it onto this MU website and I will print the link to the hymn at the end of this article. I felt my alternative words were particularly pertinent to members of the Mothers’ Union who are also inspired by God and his beloved son to work for the support, care and the good of families and people less fortunate than themselves.

I have since written alternative words to another hymn that has lovely memories for me which, with your permission I will post sometime in the near future… In the meantime, if you are inspired by my story why don’t you try to echo the words of a favourite hymn of your own. If you would like to see your effort uploaded onto this website you must only use a few odd words of the hymn as you must be ever aware of copywrite laws but using just odd words and printing full acknowledgement for the hymn, song or poem should be fine, and if you are happy with your writing why not send it to me at: I would so love to hear from you.


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