Interview with Lynda Booth

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Friday, 12 January 2018, 13:20

Lynda Booth

Lynda Booth

Hello, my name is Lynda Booth and am at present the assistant leader of the Cathedral branch of the MU responsible for the evening meetings. We meet the first Thursday of the month in the Chapter House with a warm welcome to all.

I was born and brought up in Prestwich near Manchester being part of St Mary’s church for 42years. I moved to Brindle in the Blackburn diocese where I was part of St James until I moved to Chelmsford five years ago. This move has been the biggest surprise of my life, never did I think that I would leave my beloved north west, but Essex adopted me straight away. I have been happy here since the minute I arrived.

It was at St Marys that I was first aware of the MU. A large parish church with a lady chapel which had rather a lovely statue of Mary next to the MU banner. I was also very aware on our ‘Whit walking days’ when a large group of elderly ladies with hats processed behind the MU banner.

I met with great sadness as a child watching my father suffer greatly before losing him just after my 8th birthday. The experience taught me to never underestimate a child – they know and understand what is happening. It was also possibly my first experiences of just how good people are. Ladies from the MU would quietly bring little things for my Mum, and Gran was an angel.

Only after my son was born did I venture to go along and investigate the MU. At St Mary’s I was welcomed with open arms and was enrolled there in March 1983 by Pat the Rector’s wife who has followed my path with MU. I became very involved after moving to Chorley. It was a huge privilege when the rector asked me to be the leader in 1997 and an even bigger privilege when I was asked to be Deanery President in 2002. As leader people put their trust and faith in you – a huge privilege.

During all my time as a member I have met and been with some of the most Christian people that you could wish to meet and many of them have influenced my life. I have also had the opportunity to learn and grow with the MU and to understand all that we are and all that we believe in. Christian family life and prayer are at our heart and we strive to help people starting on our door steps and then reaching out world-wide.

It has always concerned me that we don’t ‘sell ourselves well’ and that so many people really don’t know about us and all that we are involved with. If I had a magic wand it would be waved and say ‘why aren’t all you ladies’ members of the MU? You are missing out on something very special. Yes, we meet together regularly as many other groups do, but prayer is at our centre and we always strive to do our best for families and women everywhere as well as caring for each other.’

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