Interview with Pam Hibbert

posted by: Joan | on: Monday, 8 May 2017, 18:45

Pam Hibbert

Pam Hibbert

Hello everyone, my name is Pamela (Pam for short) Ann Hibbert. I belong to The United Benefice of Corringham and Fobbing Mothers' Union Branch. And I am Branch Leader there.

I was enrolled at St. Catherine's Church, East Tilbury in March 1996. I wanted to join a faith based organisation and after reading about Mothers' Union decided that this possibly was for me. I made the right decision. My inspiration is taken from the passion members have for this worldwide organisation and that there is no other like it. We are there in a crisis wherever one occurs. We do not judge and will help all people of every faith or of no faith, and I really enjoy attending Council and any deanery or diocesan events.

I started producing Roundabout at least 10 Years ago, I took over from Christine. I love producing Roundabout and at present I have no intention of handing it over to anyone else. We use an outside print company who produces approximately 1800-1900 per issue. We used to order 2000 but with membership dropping we have had to reduce our copies. Roundabout is produced twice a year and ‘Wave of Prayer’ is included in the middle pages. Last time we included the ‘Wave of Prayer for Chelmsford Diocese.

What worries me about the future of the MU is that we cannot get younger members to join and we do need young people to keep the organisation going. Quite a few branches have an older membership and unless we can get younger members these branches will eventually close. We hear it all the time that one branch or another has closed. The only solution I can think of is to try and hold membership drives at churches where there is no MU branch. We obviously need manpower to do this and this can be difficult with trying to juggle work life and social life.

However, if I could work miracles I would like to encourage more young people to attend church and through this we could perhaps open branches where there aren't any and make it an organisation where there is the serious element, but also, make it fun as well.

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