Key Workers Appeal

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Tuesday, 14 July 2020, 15:13

Chelmsford Mothers Union

Chelmsford Mothers Union

MOTHERS’ UNION LAUNCHES KEY WORKERS APPEAL: Away From It All (AFIA) : Thanking our Key Workers... Continuing support now and beyond COVID-19 in Britain and Ireland

Recognising the amazing work our members already do through AFIA, we are keen to support our key workers. We want to combine the support for families (who do not have the funds to have days away) to improve relationships, wellbeing and mental health with a real “thank you” to lower paid key workers. By giving them an experience with their families and enabling them to rebuild their relationships, we hope this will help them recover from an exceptionally stressful time.

We have launched an appeal that is targeted to raise funds from OUTSIDE our existing membership, making use of low cost digital and media partnerships.

In Chelmsford Diocese, MU is also helping families of key workers to enjoy time together. Donations towards this can be made to the Treasurer, Tricia McCarthy.

Please find below 'Crossing Over' Prayers and Reflections for our unusual summer

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