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posted by: Joan Vine | on: Tuesday, 11 December 2018, 09:19

Come Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit

Mind: Mental Health: Includes our ability to control our emotional, psychological and social well-being It means having good ways to deal with your feelings and how to enjoy life, even when times are difficult. If you need help in your life, get it. Seeking help is a sign of strength…

Body: Physical Health: Is not just the absence of disease. Is a young person deemed more physically healthy because their young bodies are not bearing the wear and tear as that of an older body? No, there is the state of being very senior, and still having perfectly good health. Whatever age we need a few guidelines to help us keep in good physical shape. We need to be active, have a good diet with a good intake of nutrients and fluids will keep our digestive system in good order. We should abstain or reduced consumption of drugs and alcohol. Being able to quickly address minor ailments or injuries, with emergency medical care at hand, and finally, being able to periodically rest, attain complete relaxation and good quality sleep.

Spirit: Whew, this is a tough one! What is the definition of having a good spirit? There is good in everyone (thank goodness). And here are a few topics to think about: Try not to tell lies. Liars never prosper. You will be found out. Its much easier to tell the truth. Be kind: Don’t be unkind. Think positive of other people. Try to disregard their bad side. If people are unkind to you, remember you are a better person than they. Be open: Both with yourself and others. Don’t be greedy. Defend yourself: Don’t start arguments or be aggressive but believe in yourself and what you stand for. Be thoughtful. Put others before yourself. Don’t take advantage of other people. Be responsible. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t cheat or be mean. Do not be irresponsible. Do good deeds. Donate, volunteer and recycle. Help others when they need help. Smile and laugh. When others smile and laugh, it makes you think ‘I’d like some of that’. Enjoy the company of others: especially your family and friends. Enjoy what you have. Don’t be envious of what other people have. Learn to forgive. Try to understand the opinions of others. If someone apologises to you, accept it. Never refuse it. Don’t look down on others. Don’t call others rude, stupid or ugly. We are all equal. Be a leader. Don’t let others control your life. Lead your own life. Finally: Complete your tasks. Don’t leave things half done. If anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly!

Take care of your body, mind and spirit. It is precious.

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