Money, Money, Money.

posted by: Joan | on: Friday, 5 February 2016, 20:24

Hillary's talk was very interesting.

Hillary's talk was very interesting.

We spent a very interesting evening on Thursday 4th Feb at the Cathedral MU group, listening to Hillary Shallis explaining just how Mothers' Union money paid in by its members is spent, I would imajine that the majority of us MU members pay our subs once a year and don’t really worry about where our money ends up, trusting of course, that it goes to the people who need it most.

Hillary explained that part of our money goes on administration for nothing happens if the wheels are not oiled, also, a part of our money goes to the upkeep of Mary Sumner House in London which is so important to overseas visitors as well as UK members who use the facilities. Members of the MU we were told, do a lot of fundraising especially for the overseas fund and so it goes on and on...

After the meeting we had some scone and sausage-roll treats with our teas and coffees and Hillary and I sat discussing how kind and generous so many people in the world are, and of course, although money is useful and necessary – peoples’ kindness and generosity is incalculable for it is priceless..

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