MU Relief Fund.

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 19 February 2020, 16:33

The MU will help and support if possible

The MU will help and support if possible

The Mother’s Union Relief Fund was founded to bring swift relief to communities when emergency situations strike, be it natural or man-made. Because of the MU grass-roots ability we are able to send very quick relief to those who are most affected by the condition. We may be small in comparison to the large agencies but because of our standing we are usually able to respond very quickly and to be one of the first to offer this relief. Helping those in need sooner rather than later… The Mothers’ Union organisation is based in communities where there is a likelihood of disasters happening sothat the relief fund is there to help people while they are coming to terms with the situation and trying to get their lives back together again, in recent years the relief fund has helped those in South Sudan, Tanzania, and in the diocese of Tarime, the fund helped people set-up kitchen gardens to help them survive during times of drought.

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