Power Of Prayer

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 19 December 2018, 14:57

The amazing Power of Prayer

The amazing Power of Prayer

Dear Mothers’ Union Members, not one of us needs to be told or reminded of the Power of Prayer and how all Mothers’ Union members all over the world are committed to helping and supporting other members whilst serving and caring for families that need help regardless of whether they are Christian or not, whether they have a faith or not… So, it is of no wonder that I had a positive response to a letter I published some months ago from an elderly and rather unhappy lady called Betty.

No matter what Mothers’ Union news you read, whether on the official Mothers’ Union website, in Families First magazine or in any Mothers’ Union pamphlet or leaflet, the words help, support and action is paramount to its contents. Therefore, since receiving and publishing the poignant letter from Betty, I have received an increasing number of letters, emails and texts from women telling me their stories and asking for help, support, information and above all prayer. Therefore, I will seek permission to publish some of these stories on our website so that the information given may be of help to other women going through similar problems and so that you might pray for these people. Let us all follow in Mary Sumner’s footsteps and if we cannot physically help someone, we can lift them to a higher level with our prayers.

Some of the letters and emails appealing for help have been sent anonymously, however I would not publish any personal details of those asking for information but where I can, I will inform the people concerned that they will indeed receive support from our Lord through our members prayers and thoughts. Thank You… these entries will be tagged – Spirituality

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