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posted by: Joan Vine | on: Tuesday, 13 November 2018, 20:26

Help keep our Mothers' Union going.

Help keep our Mothers' Union going.

Will we have a Diocesan Mothers' Union in a decade?


Judith advised that we have our first Worldwide President from outside the British Isles - Mrs Sheran Harper, who comes from Guyana. Sheran is proud to be leading an organisation that is making a difference in the lives of over three quarters of a million people worldwide and says “Mothers’ Union is as relevant today as it was 142 years ago as the call to support families globally is now even greater. We’re working alongside governments and other organisations in tackling issues which affect families wherever they are. In remote areas, where there is no access to social services, it is often Mothers’ Union that is leading the way.” Sheran is our Worldwide Parenting Trainer and is a very experienced Central Trustee so there is much to look forward to.

Judith had really enjoyed visiting branches and deaneries with Merrill this year to discuss MULOA – Mothers’ Union Listening, Observing and Acting. They’d heard what members felt about the work we’re doing but also who we could be reaching out to and what hinders our work. It was rewarding to hear how many members value the friendship and Christian fellowship we all share together. They’d now finished their visits and later in 2019; she would circulate a list of what branches are doing in their own communities and what they learnt here in our diocese. Judith gave a special thank you to Merrill who had journeyed with her.

The theme for 2019 was ‘Listen, Observe, Act – in step with God’ - the meaning of MULOA – Mothers’ Union Listens, Observes and Acts – words that affirm just what it means to be a member of MU. Judith said that this was what we’re all about and so our work goes on. She acknowledged that Yes, it’s getting harder as our membership in Britain & Ireland declines but we’re not only about our meetings at a local level, but about telling new friends about what we do and inviting them to come and help us and take part in our activities. Judith then went onto the not so good news –

We don’t have a full trustee board and next year trustees would have to reconsider how we worked as such a widespread diocese. We need at least another Vice President but preferably two and we don’t have deanery chairmen or officers in eleven of the twenty deaneries. As diocesan, deanery and branch officials – we all should think about succession planning at an early stage not at the last minute when there was a vacancy. It was so sad but a harsh reality that unless members are prepared to take on roles in their branches, deaneries and in the diocese, it’s likely that we won’t have a diocese in the next decade.

She also reminded Council that Margaret Harvey wished to stand down as Diocesan Secretary after many years in the role; a role which is vital in the diocese and without which the diocese would not be able to function.

She asked everyone to pray and think about whether they or someone they knew, could take on one of the roles which needed filling. Perhaps someone didn’t feel they had the right ‘gift’ to fill one of the roles but she invited anyone interested to speak to her.

She asked everyone to pray for the diocesan MU as we go through change and that members would come forward to enable us to continue.

Judith thanked everyone for all their support during the year and especially to Trustees, Diocesan and Deanery officials and branch leaders and officers. Again, she asked everyone to please pray and think if they could fulfill one of the vacant roles, either at branch, deanery or diocesan level.

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