Reflections from May 16

posted by: Joan | on: Thursday, 2 June 2016, 14:45

Beauty in sight and sound

Beauty in sight and sound

The Christian sees through kinder eyes-like Jesus. He gives from a bigger heart-like God and he speaks with a purer tongue-like Christ. From: Bible Illustrations.

Judith Meaden and a congregation of almost 50 people where at St Catherine’s in Gosfield, to help the Gosfield Branch of the MU celebrate their 80th Anniversary - Congratulations!

Iraq: Let us pray for Christians in Iraq who are living in fear of their own and their family’s lives. Let us thank God that we live in a free country where we can practice our faith openly.

St David: As a young man David entered a monastery where he trained to be a priest under the tutelage of St Paulinus. Amongst several miracles attributed to St David was the restoration of St Paulinus’ sight.

The group of mayors asked Margaret Harvey where she came from and she said Essex representing Havens Hospices, The mayors were delighted as they were from Castle Point and Little Haven is there so they knew it well. Thank God for people like Margaret and her husband Bob

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