Reflections for November 19

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 4 December 2019, 10:28

Reflections from November

Reflections from November

Black History Month is held in October and has been celebrated for the last 40 years. The idea was founded during the 1980’s to highlight and help recognise the efforts that people from Africa and other Caribbean backgrounds have made to this country over many, many years.

At Council on 4th November, Margaret Harvey who has been MU Secretary for many years was presented with a gift from the members, in very grateful thanks for all her help, love, advice and support for so many years. Our new Secretary Kathryn was welcomed in.

How wonderful it is to welcome people into our home or church, even more so when they have been away on a long journey and have returned. The Very Revd. Rod Reid, Diocesan Chaplain. Had been a member of St Andrew’s in Ilford before embarking on his long journey of faith…

Now that the nights are drawing and we pray for those dear Lord who have no safe home or warm bed for the chilly nights… May they find peace, safety and comfort. Amen

We all thank our dear Margaret Harvey for all the years of work she has put in as secretary to help the Chelmsford Diocese Mothers’ Union run smooth. I am sure we would all like to wish her and her husband well and hope that she enjoys many more years as a Mothers’ Union member. God bless.

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