Reflections from April 17

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 3 May 2017, 13:14

Reflections from April 17

Reflections from April 17

MU TREASURER The diocesan treasurer is standing down in October 2017 so be they a MU member or not we need someone to fulfil this important roll. If you, or you know someone who would be willing to take on this task please get in touch with our President Judith Meaden.

If you want to download the newsletter yourself and print it in full colour you will be able to, by clicking on the PDF file I have added below. To find the newsletter once it leaves the front of the website click on ‘Blog’ then using the tags to the right of the page, click on either ‘Local News’ or ‘Posters & Press’ then look for ‘Mothers’ Union Newsletter… No 2. Joan

If, like our Redeemer we get to a point when we have lost all hope, all we can do is to pray, stay faithful, accept our fate and remember that - Jesus commands my destiny.

Unfortunately, there are still many children living on the streets of Salvador, and like all uncared for and unprotected children they run the risk of being picked up by one of the may drugs gangs that run vast areas of Brazil’s third-largest city.

Judith who is totally committed to the Mothers’ Union didn’t want to end on a low note, but said how concerned she is by the falling membership which means a sharp fall in the amount of subscriptions coming in, much needed cash to help run the Mothers’ Union in the Diocese.

The legend of St Christopher may be based on a martyr named Christopher who was called Kester, and made his living by ferrying people across the river. He died in 215 A.D. in Lycia and his relics were removed to Paris and Rome.

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