Reflections from August 18

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Saturday, 1 September 2018, 08:57

Reflections from August

Reflections from August

Let us pray for all those people who are finding the continual hot weather tiresome and making them feel unwell, let us also pray for all those families who are on holiday enjoying this unusual spell of sunshine.

We regret to announce the death this week of Lydia Gladwin. We send our condolences to her bereaved family and friends at this sad time and pray that God takes Lydia’s soul into his tender, loving care. Amen.

Mary Sumner Day: We do not have a MU group at St Mary’s in Broomfield, but a brief history of her life’s work was read to us at Morning Prayer. If you celebrated Mary Sumner’s life and work perhaps you would like to send me the details and a photo to add to the website. E: Joan Vine

St Catherine devoted her life to nursing, caring for the most seriously ill patients. She was often able to convert sinners who had formerly taunted her and maliciously gossiped about her.

By joining the Summer Appeal, you will be able to help even more people who are living their lives in similar situations to those in Mary Sumner’s day. The hope is that together, we can help even more families and church groups.

Let us pray for all those people caught up in the world’s natural disasters, God be with them and their families.

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