Reflections from November 18

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Saturday, 1 December 2018, 11:04

On the night of 21st April 1941, two incendiary bombs were dropped from the air onto the roof of a beautiful church with disastrous results. The villagers fought valiantly to contain the fire, then astonishingly, a thick mist rolled in from the sea hiding the building from the air.

Remembering and praying for all those people in the world who are shunned, harassed, beaten and murdered for their faith in the Lord.

Lucy Bubb will be visiting Myanmar at the beginning of January for the 25th anniversary of Toungoo diocese and Bishop John’s retirement and would be happy to take any congratulation cards or gifts with her. Please let her have any cards/gifts by 28 December. Many thanks Lucy

We said farewell to our outgoing officers – Revd Edward Carter, Elizabeth, Vivian, Val, Eileen and Pam and we welcomed our President for the next Triennial Judith Meaden, Vice Presidents - Janet, Merrill and Rosalie, and our new Diocesan Chaplain Reverend Rod Reid

People all over the country came together this year to fill their churches with hand-crafted poppies lest we forget… those who sacrificed their precious lives for those who remained could live in peace.

Judith thanked Everyone for all their support during the year especially to Trustees, Diocesan and Deanery officials, branch leaders and officers. Again, Judith appealed to members to pray for the call to fill one of the much-needed vacant roles, either at branch, deanery or diocesan level, the Mothers’ Union needs YOU!

Most women cannot get away from working! Even when they are resting there is always something to do. That is why members of the Mothers’ Union making a large range of craft items. Get your needles ready!

St Jerome: In 382 while in Rome, Jerome led classes for noble Roman women, widows and virgins who were interested in the monastic life. He also wrote tracts defending the idea of Mary as a perpetual virgin.

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