Reflections from October 18

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Thursday, 1 November 2018, 09:36

A happy face on a cold day

A happy face on a cold day

Please pray that people come forward to offer their services towards the smooth running of the Chelmsford Diocese Mothers’ Union. Without the help and care of those who are called the Mothers’ Union could flounder.

Let us pray for the people in Indonesia who have suffered due to Friday’s earthquake and tsunami. The death toll is well above 1,000 while many thousands have been made homeless…

On Sunday 30th September we were delighted to welcome our President Judith Meaden along St John's Church in Epping to support us as we re-launched our branch of the Mothers’ Union enrolling 13 members. - Enrolling Member

Margaret Harvey was presented with a 25year service certificate and badge at a ceremony on the 12th September. For all the work she has done for the Havens Hospices. Congratulations!

Pray for Mrs Sheran Harper and the new Worldwide Board and they take up their new posts in January 2019 for the coming three years. They will be leading an organisation that is making a difference in the lives of over three quarters of a million people worldwide.

Let us pray for all those women and girls and the occasional man who is subjected on a continual basis to physical, mental and sexual abuse. May they find the strength to seek help and support.

The Monks wanted St. Thomas Aquinas to stay at a castle, but, sensing that his death was near, Thomas preferred to remain at the monastery, saying, "If the Lord wishes to take me away, it is better that I be found in a religious house than in the dwelling of a layperson."

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