St Aidan, first Bishop of Lindisfarne

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St Aidan, first Bishop of Lindisfarne

St Aidan, first Bishop of Lindisfarne

St Aidan came from the Island of Lona, he was an Irish monk. He lived in the seventh century at a time when Christianity was quite new in England, and the pagans of the time greatly resisted the work he felt he had to do. Very little, if anything was known about the word of God and there was only one church in the whole of England.

The newly converted King Oswald asked for help from the monks of Iona, and so one monk was sent who failed miserably to inspire the pagans, the monks were at a loss until Aiden spoke up and said that the people needed to be given simple teaching on Christianity and then gradually instruct them on the Word of God until they were more capable of understanding. The monks were very impressed with Aiden and could see that he would be more successful in performing a very difficult mission, so accompanied by a few of his brothers, St Aidan started out on his journey to Northumbria.

Aidan was a very modest and caring person and he quickly gained the respect of the people. He was very humble and would travel miles to meet people in their homes. He was also very generous and any money he received would be given to the poor and needy only keeping enough for himself to stay well.

Christianity quickly grew in the land and King Oswald, granted St Aidan the island of Lindisfarne, where a monastery was built. The monks there led a holy life of hard work, fasting and prayer.

King Oswald died in battle and was greatly missed by St Aidan. King Oswald’s successor was King Oswin who was a very devout man, and quickly became Aidan’s great friend. Unfortunately, King Oswin was murdered for his beliefs by a trusted friend. St Aidan was stricken with grief and died in August 651 just a few days after the King, he was buried in the monk’s cemetery at Lindisfarne.

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