St Julian of Norwich

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St Julian of Norwich

St Julian of Norwich

St Julian of Norwich withdrew from the world and lived a lonely life of prayer and humiliation. She was probably born around 1342 until her demise around 1416. Her book ‘The Revelations of Divine Love' is what she is best known for. It is reputed to be the first book written by a woman and it is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest classics of spiritual life.

No one really knows her name for sure but it was probably taken from a church in Norwich called St Julian where she lived as a recluse for most of her life. Although Julian separated herself from the general public by being entombed in a cell attached to the church she would often have people come by seeking spiritual guidance and she would speak to them and give them divine advice through the cell window. Many people of the time were in great poverty and many suffered from the they would often seek comfort through her words.

Julian’s book ‘The Revelations of Divine Love’ came into being after her having no less than sixteen visions which she had during a near death experience. Faced with death she saw Christ bleeding and she became instantly aware of His suffering and His love for us. Julian put her faith in God and she passed the message of hope and trust in God’s compassion for us, she believed that God had no anger for our wrongdoing and that his love was gracious, only in our own hearts is peace and love defiled. Julian often used the experience of a woman’s love for her children to explain how God loves each and every one of us and she would often refer to Jesus as ‘our Mother’

The books that Julian is best known for ‘The Revelations of Divine Love’ was written twice. The first book was written shorty after she had her visions and the second version which is much longer was written some twenty years later. The second book goes into much more detail and it includes her meditations on the visions she had experienced…

Julian's Shrine, off Rouen Rd. in Norwich, is visited by pilgrims from all over the world.

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