The 100 Year Poppy.

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Sunday, 11 November 2018, 13:13

We will remember them...

We will remember them...

This year we give thanks to God for the ending of the First World War which endured for four long years (1914-1918), with a lot of the fighting carried out in Western Europe.

Once a beautiful area the fighting fields were soon wrecked and instead of grass and flowers all that could be seen was thick mud, were nothing grew. Yet, amazingly the Flanders poppies managed to grow and flourish even during the darkest hours.

So, it is that this year people all over this country are coming together with great solemnity not to dwell on the horrors of war and fighting but to celebrate the lives of the many thousands of young men who perished in this dreadful war.

People are working together to fill our churches with hand-crafted poppies lest we forget… Not that anyone is alive that can truly remember but we need to be ever mindful of those men and women of our United Kingdom who sacrificed their future for those who remained and for future generations.

Hundreds and thousands of these red symbols will be displayed so that we never forget that people have fort and died so that we might live in peace and security… Our children and young people must be made aware that their country is so precious that men and women were and still are prepared to fight for it and for the free speech we all enjoy.

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