The Cobbler and the Christmas Cake

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The Christmas Cake

The Christmas Cake

There was once a poor cobbler, a Godly man who made shoes in the old fashioned way. One Christmas Eve the cobbler had a strange dream, he dreamed that Jesus said that he would come and visit his shop the very next day, Christmas Day. The dream seemed so real that the cobbler got up very early the next morning and hurried to the woods, where he gathered green branches and leaves to decorate his shop for the arrival of so great and important a Guest. The cobbler also set too and made a special Christmas cake using up the last of his precious nuts and spices; he even put a penny in the cake and the very last of his sweet-meats he arranged on top! The cobbler was done, everything was ready; he brushed his hair back, straightened his apron, washed his hands and sat down to wait. He waited and waited all the morning, he just couldn’t work, he could only wait. Time dragged on and on and to his great disappointment, his shop remained quiet, except for one old man who limped up to the door asking to come in for a few minutes of warmth. It seemed to be a bit of a nuisance but the cobbler felt compelled to take him in, just for a little while of course!

While the man was resting, the cobbler noticed that the old fellow's shoes were worn right through, his feet were blue with the cold and they looked dirty and rough. Touched, the cobbler took a new pair of shoes from his shelf, washed the old man’s feet, dried them and put new shoes onto them. The old man was delighted and thanked the cobbler for his generosity then his eyes began to sparkle as he eyed the special cake sitting on the table, he looked up at the cobbler and said ‘ Oh my, I haven’t seen or tasted such a lovely looking cake since before my wife passed away some ten or so years ago’. The cobbler was very reluctant to touch the cake but decided that he couldn’t let the old man go out into the cold without a piece of cake so he cut a generous piece, wrapped it in a cloth and sent him on his way...

Throughout the long and lonely afternoon the cobbler waited and kept looking out through his window, but his only other visitor was an elderly woman. He had watched her struggling under a heavy load of firewood, and he felt compelled to invite her into his shop for a rest. They passed a while chatting away during which time he discovered that for two days she had had nothing to eat; so he shared with her the vegetable broth he had made for his own supper. Then seeing the old lady eye the cake, he felt obliged to offer her a piece as he felt sure that Jesus wouldn’t be able to eat all the cake, and of course he didn’t want it to go to waste so he watched her enjoy his offering before she went on her way.

As night began to fall, the sad cobbler heard a young child crying outside his door. The child, he discovered had lost his way and was afraid. The cobbler cut the child a piece of his cake, which left just one piece for the Lord, for the rest was now sadly used up leaving only the crumbs. The cobbler wrapped the piece of cake in a cloth, went out, soothed the youngster’s fears, mopped up his tears and gave the child the cake, then with the little boys hand in his, he took the child home. When he returned, the cobbler was very upset, as his shop door stood ajar and the last piece of cake had disappeared. He was convinced that while he had been away a thief had gone into his shop and taken the last piece of cake. The cobbler had been so excited and was so full of expectation but alas, the cake had gone and the Lord had forgotten him.

The cobbler sat there sadly and lived through the moments he had been so looking forward too. The knock, the latch lifted, the radiant face, the offered cup, the piece of special cake! He would have kissed the hands where the nails had been, washed the feet where the spikes had entered. Then the Lord would have sat, warming himself by the fire and chatting to him. In his anguish, the cobbler cried out,

"Why is it, Lord that your feet didn’t come my way? Had you forgotten that this was the day?"

Then, soft in the silence a voice he heard: So soft, yet the cobbler heard every word! Good cobbler, please do not despair I truly loved your delicious fayre!

The cobbler gasped and said, said he…How could you enjoy my humble fayer Excuse me Lord, but you just weren’t there. The Lord looked kindly on the man and with a hand on his shoulder he gently began.. "Lift up your heart for I kept My word. I called out loud and I know you heard. Three times I came to your friendly door; Thrice My Spirit overshadowed your floor.

I was the man with the bruised feet, the one you gave new shoes, so neat.

I was the woman who was cold and beat, yes; I was the one you gave food to eat,

I was the child who was wracked with fear, the one who’s hand you held so near."

Remember this my Godly man’ said the Lord, I have no physical body on earth but yours;

I can only give aid to those I see through your eyes; I can only hear cries of help through your ears. I can only support others by using your strong hands. It’s with your voice that I comfort and inspire. And it’s through your loving heart and good deeds, that others are loved and blessed by Me.

Photo by Emmanuelle Bourgue

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