The Power of Thought

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 12 September 2018, 09:54

Never fear...We will pray for you

Never fear...We will pray for you

The power of thought, prayer, mindfulness, whatever you like to call it is when we think, pray or concentrate our thoughts on someone else. A few years ago, I wrote an article on ‘The Power of Thought’ in a newsletter. After the article had been published I received this poignant letter…

Dear Joan, I am quite elderly now and I have difficulty walking and on bad days I have to resort to a wheelchair, these are the days when I feel most down. I sit at my window and watch all the mums taking their children to school and I think how lucky they are to be young and have little children. Some days the young women do not seem all that happy and they do not always appear to appreciate what they have. Often the young mums moan at the children if they misbehave, doing just what kids do! When I see that kind of thing I feel like I want to run out and shout and moan at them and tell them to make the most of being young and active, but I cannot, because I am stuck in my chair. When I was a young woman I was always on the go, what with a young family and a home to run, I was always busy, and then when I returned to work when my boys were older. I had a reasonably good job and I was always kept busy, time passed so quickly. I often think back to those days and feel sad that they have all gone!

I have two sons, and grandchildren that I don’t see very often, I do understand that having to visit us oldies must seem a waste of their time, but I do miss seeing them. I also feel for my husband, he is not very well, he has had angina for some years now and he suffered a minor heart attack a couple of years ago. Since being warned that he could quite easily have another attack he has slowed down a lot and now unfortunately, his memory is beginning to go too. I often have to tell him things or ask him about something several times before he remembers, and sometimes he just doesn’t remember at all no matter how often I ask him to do something, so I give up, He spends a lot of his time looking after me and having to do things for me, when I feel that I should be looking after him more. I really worry in case anything happens to my husband, I do not know what I would do. We have been married for fifty-odd years now and I would be devastated if I was left all alone. I am afraid. I loved your article on the ‘Power of Thought’ and I just wished I had someone who would think of me, I am sure it would make me feel better… Sorry if my letter is depressing but I needed to talk to someone, love from Betty.

I wrote back – Dear Betty, you can rest assured that there are many people thinking of you at any one time – Those who practice Mindfulness often concentrate on people just like yourself and every day in all churches, and at home we always pray for those who are alone, afraid, sick or depressed. So, you can rest assured that the Power of Thought and Prayer is always there to keep you going. You just need to have faith and believe that there is someone out there thinking of you, praying for you and have you on their mind – Joan x

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Comment 1 | From: Eleanor Young | Date: 18 September 2018, 21:28

Dear Betty I’m one of those young mums, always rushing, busy, sometimes forgetting how precious time with my little one is, when chores and work become too much. Thank you for your letter to Joan. Reminding us to count every moment as the precious treasure it is. I will think of you and pray for you Love Eleanor x

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