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posted by: Joan | on: Sunday, 13 December 2015, 15:28

just how many silver serviette rings do you want anyway?

just how many silver serviette rings do you want anyway?

The other day I was sitting reminiscing about some of our Christmas’ past.

Once all our preparations for Christmas were complete Joan and I would go out for a meal and have a couple of hours to ourselves on Christmas eve at a local restaurant.

One year in the mid ninety’s we decided, for a change, to go to the West End of London. After a pub meal we started walking along Oxford Street and although it wasn’t that late we were surprised to find that the majority of the big stores were already closed or preparing to close.

As we wandered slowly along, the inhabitants of Cardboard City were already taking up residence in suitable doorways and we came to a large jeweller’s where the “tenant” was already in the Land of Nod. What caught my eye in the shop window, just above the vagrant's head was a box of Christmas crackers, each had a silver serviette ring around it and a price tag of £595. Almost £50 a cracker! What an obscene contrast!

I recently read that the Trussell Trust which runs some four hundred food banks claims that the problem of hunger in the UK is getting worse.

So if you are considering paying some exorbitant amount on crackers please think again and get them at a supermarket or market stall and make a contribution from your savings to your local food bank, CHESS or any charity that will give help to the less well off this Christmas.

Cheap crackers give the children just as much fun and just how many silver serviette rings do you want anyway?

Alan Vine member of the Cathedral branch


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