What four?

posted by: Joan | on: Sunday, 21 February 2016, 16:55

What's it all four?

What's it all four?

What is this for? Well, during this season of Lent I though you might like this short reflection,

There are 4 points to the cross.

The base that points to earth.

The crown that points to heaven.

The right-hand beam that points to mankind and,

The left-hand beam that points to the planets.

There are 4 reasons why God came to earth

To save those of us who stray.

To show us his presence.

To experience human suffering and,

To teach us the ‘Way’.

There are 4 reasons why Jesus had to die.

To fulfil God’s command.

To gain a unique place in history.

So that we might live and,

To give man a divine symbol of faith.

There are 4 Reasons why we should love God

He gives us life.

He gives us joy.

He gives us hope and,

He gives us the promise of salvation.

There are 4 reasons why we should be grateful to God

He gave us his Son..

He gives us his Spirit

He gives us his Love and,

He gives us Himself,

And what of us? Well….

Some will accept his love,

Some will ignore his love,

Some will reject his love, but

He will go on giving his love, always.

Image: Jesus Cross by Claudio Ungari - flickr

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