A Muslim Gift

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Monday, 24 October 2016, 16:45

A Muslim Gift

A Muslim Gift

A Muslim Gift for Christians -

In Pakistan’s north-eastern Punjab province, some Muslim villagers have raised funds to help build a church for their poor Christian neighbours. The small population of Christians, numbering around 20 families had nowhere to worship and had to use someone’s home or find some other place for their Holy-day services. Fr. Aftab James, the local priest, said that the Christians were very grateful to their Muslim neighbours and were getting very excited about having their own church.

According to Fr. Aftab James, who was speaking to Aamir Latif, a reporter for the ‘Muslim News’ said that just before Easter this year their Muslim brothers offered to build a chapel for them as a gift. The Christian families said that they were very thankful to their Muslim brothers for such a wonderful gesture. “It makes us feel proud,” their Christian priest said. The local Christian community is now very excited that they will soon have a church in the village. “At first I didn’t believe it when the Muslim community leaders said they would build us a chapel,” the priest recalled. “But to my surprise, construction work began within one month of the initial announcement, our community’s long-time dream is now coming true”.

The local Muslim community has already raised 150,000 Pakistani rupees (roughly $1,500) towards the total cost of the church’s construction, estimated at some 700,000 rupees ($7,000). Mian Ejaz, one of the Muslim fundraisers, said that additional funds would eventually be raised to finish the chapel, which would include a medium-size prayer hall and another room. “We had four mosques in the village but no place of worship for Christians, as most of them are poor and lack the funds to build a church of their own,”

Ejaz, who also provides funds for the village’s four mosques, said that the Christian world was doing a lot for Muslim refugees, so we should pay the Christians back. He was referring to the flocks of Muslim refugees now trying to reach Europe from Turkey.

Aamir Latif, for the ‘Muslim News’.

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