A thought for Mothering Sunday

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 14 February 2018, 08:29

Make a mothers' day

Make a mothers' day

The Mothers’ Union began with the Christian intention of helping and befriending women who spent most of their time home alone caring for their home and their children whilst their husbands were working. Although it is recorded that the mothers who were invited along to the home of Mary Sumner came from all walks of life the majority of them were probably quite poor and lonely and looked forward to their meetings where they could talk to other mothers and share their joys, sorrows and worries.

Although the Mothers’ Union started very small it gradually snowballed until the Mothers’ Union now has members in 83 countries across the world, all working tirelessly serving communities with various projects and programmes whilst offering Christian care for families regardless of their faith and background

Here in this country and in the majority of affluent countries, mothers, whatever their situation can give their children the very best of care, attention and hope in the future but in many countries that is definitely not the case. Every year the Mothers’ Union launches its ‘Make a Mothers’ Day appeal’, requesting financial help for disadvantaged mothers helping them to be more successful in raising their own and their children’s standard of living.

Donations range from £6-£100 and you can donate by going to: http://www.makeamothersday.org/how-it-works

£6 – Helps towards projects in the UK that support children and mothers from broken relationships.

£10 – Helps a mother improve her home skills so that she can care for her children better.

£15 – Will help a mother learn to read and calculate.

£24 – Can help a woman learn a skill so that she can provide for her family.

£40 – Helps women to learn parenting skills so that she can cope better with her family.

£100 – Gives women confidence and a voice to speak out against inadequacies and gender- based violence.

So, if you want to support the ‘Make a Mother’s Day’ appeal go to: http://www.makeamothersday.org/how-it-works

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