Can you Forgive?

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 20 February 2019, 13:57

Can you forgive or have her stay away?

Can you forgive or have her stay away?

Dear Mothers’ Union members, I feel the need to pass on some of the words and sentiments taken from a sermon given by our Parish Priest on Sunday. It was at Evening Prayer after enjoying a beautiful sun-soaked day that our Vicar approached the controversial subject of Shamima Begum the young Muslim woman who left England around four years ago with two school friends to join the so-called Islamic State Group. After being married off very quickly to an IS fighter and having given birth to two children who have since perished, has now given birth to a third child and wants to return home to Britain so that her new baby can be brought up in the comfort and security of England.

Our Vicar said that even she was hesitant at the thought of this radicalised person coming back into the country just because it suits. However, after thinking and praying about it she can clearly remember how difficult it can be for everyone to cope, as young teenagers are prone to making many huge mistakes along the way, long before they can be more rational and sensible as adults. The girl in question was radicalised at the young age of 15 and like many thousands of other teenagers took off to a life they felt would be more exciting. Now, still a teenager, she must realise that nothing is more important than one’s family and children, so it seems inevitable that she wants to return home. It doesn’t help her cause of course, when we hear some of her comments made to BBC reporters and newsmen… but, what would her comments be? Would she put herself and her baby at risk by admitting she was deeply sorry and full of regret, or is she not truly sorry and just wants a more comfortable life? It’s a difficult one isn’t it? What would you want for her future and how would you feel if she brought the evil of IS home? Can you find it in your heart to welcome her back or would you rather her stay away? The sermon ended by asking us to pray and think about what Jesus would do, for only God knows the truth…

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