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posted by: Joan Vine | on: Tuesday, 2 November 2021, 11:56

Our wonderful world.

Our wonderful world.

In the latest edition of our new MU magazine Connected, our World-Wide President Sheran Harper said that we need to work together on a large scale to help save the environment. At this time in Scotland, world leaders have gathered together to discuss the problems being caused by global warming and the effects that it is having on many countries around the world… Sheran suggests that rather than just make small adjustments on our own or in our own churches, we should band together as much as possible to make our voices louder, after all, we need to make an outstanding effort for the sake of our children our grandchildren and those who follow. If it isn’t already, why not suggest that the church you attend make every effort to become an eco-friendly church, working towards a richer environmental area in which you and your family live. We all have a voice and a choice and we can all do our bit for the wonderful planet that God entrusted to us.

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