Cathedral Group Garden Party

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Friday, 4 August 2017, 22:31

We were too busy working!

We were too busy working!

We had a great evening at Guy Harling's Garden Party, well... Not actually in the garden rather in the hall as it had been a very blustery day and we couldn't chance the weather. We had experienced a very unsettled week of wind and rain so it was decided to stay indoors, however what a great evening we had with loads of yummy food. The room had been set up so that between 30 - 35 MU members could come together for a great evening of F-Q-L (Fellowship, Quiz & Laughter).

Lynda Booth, our new evening-group leader must have spent many hours making sure we utilised our brains as we were faced with no less than four different quizzes, we even had to work while we ate, so it seems that Lynda wasn't going to allow us to get in the least bit lazy or bored, we literally didn't have the time!

The food was lovely, lots of salad, pasta, meat and cheese, crisps, you name it and it was there for us to enjoy. Lots of yummy puddings too. We had four fun quizzes that made us think, most of us worked together as a table of about 8 so there was lots of suggestions and ideas, some quirky ones too??? Not saying there was any cheating of course but some of the replies were teetering on the edge of iffy, and it wasn't just our table! Even so, we had a great evening which ended around 9.30pm and I am sure we all went home smiling. Thanks MU for an evening full of fun.

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