Christians in Iraq

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There has been a Christian community in Iraq for two thousand years, but today Christians are being forced to leave their home and country to escape the self-proclaimed Islamic state (IS). Being a Christian in IS controlled territory is likely to invite being served with a death warrant. Christians also live in fear of being kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused, and only recently a holy Father was kidnapped, tortured by having his teeth knocked out with a hammer, his nose broken, one of his vertebrae damaged and was shot in the leg… He also saw his church raised to the ground. Now safe in another country he asks for prayers to be said for his fellow brothers and sisters who still face persecution in Iraq. Even in parts of Iraq where IS do not rule, the law is based on Sharia (Islamic law) and forbids Muslims from leaving Islam: Muslims who convert to Christianity usually hide their faith.

Let us pray for Christians in Iraq who are living in fear of their own and their family’s lives. Let us thank God that we live in a free country where we can practice our faith openly.

Information on Christians in Iraq taken from 'Open Doors World Watch' to learn more and support 'Open Doors' go to

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Iraq, bordering on Iran, Soudi Arabia, Jordan and  Syria

Iraq, bordering on Iran, Soudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria

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