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posted by: Joan Vine | on: Thursday, 4 June 2020, 09:31

A letter from DP Judith Meaden

A letter from DP Judith Meaden

Dear MU Members, I do hope you are well and able to enjoy the easing of some of the 'lockdown' restrictions and even though no hugs or cuddles are allowed, to meet your family.

I'm delighted to attach the Wave of Prayer for our 'special time', the 18th to 20th June and do hope you will take part in and forward it to as many of your members as possible. Thank you to Lucy and Gill for their work in putting this together for us; we're lucky to have them as our Diocesan Link representatives.

Although you may not have looked at Families Worldwide as the Prayer Diary doesn't start until the 1st July; there is a page about the changes to Families First from 2021 and details of a questionnaire for members to complete on line. The address is and it only takes a few minutes. Please do take the time to complete it as the more members who say what they think, the better Central MU will know our feelings. You don't have to give your name.

Bishop Stephen will become the Archbishop of York in a virtual service, which I look forward to watching, on the 9th July and I invite you to remember him and Rebecca in your prayers, especially on that day.

The Church of England celebrates 'Thy Kingdom Come' between Ascension Day and Pentecost and MU held their usual service virtually on Friday 22nd May. It was good to see some of you had watched the service which was opened by The Archbishop of Canterbury. His words to us, as members, are so important and I set them out below.

“Hello members of the Mothers’ Union around the world.

You are amazing people; you are wonderful servants of Jesus Christ and in my role in the Anglican Communion I rejoice in the work of the Mothers’ Union. I’ve seen so much of it particularly travelling around the Communion and I see it doing so much both in the United Kingdom and elsewhere and the worse the crisis, the more the light of the Mothers’ Union shines; that is the work of God through you. You might not always see that but others see it. You are the oldest and the biggest women’s group in the world, praise God for that – Alleluiah - and so I just encourage you, look at what God is doing and join in.

When you focus on the care of neighbour, the care of the sick, the care for families; when you are a place of safety for women who have been abused, for children who have been left alone; when you are a place of hope and comfort for the isolated, even by ringing them up if that is possible; a place where they know there will be love as you so often are, showing that the individual is valued; you live for Jesus Christ and it’s for that reason that we pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.

Be encouraged that your work is essential and that you have shown through the many past decades your capacity to adapt and evolve for such a time as this - may God be with you.”

My love to each of you and prayers that you stay well. If you know any member who is suffering during this difficult time, do please let me know with their telephone number and I'll ring them. It has been so good and enjoyable to talk to those with special birthdays/celebrations during the past couple of months. Judith x

Note: If you want to download the Wave of Prayer for our 'special time', the 18th to 20th June and print it out you will be able to, by clicking on the PDF file I have added below. To find the Wave of Prayer once it leaves the front of the website click on ‘Blog’ then using the tags to the right of the page, click on ‘Posters & Press’ then look for Wave of Prayer. Joan


pdf file Download Wave of Prayer (438 kb)

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