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posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 22 May 2019, 13:47

News from Uganda.

News from Uganda.

Sheliah contacted me to say: I get an email weekly from ‘Homes of Promise’ in Uganda. I thought this one might be good to share. I do not know in which Diocese Jane was President but I do know that her experience of MU inspired her to spend the rest of her life in Uganda with Homes of Promise.

Jane begins her email by saying Dear friends, last Sunday I went to a Mothers’ Union service, celebrating 50 years of the branch in Bukoto, (Peace’s church) this was a big celebration. Dr Vivienne Kito (Ugandan), whom some of you might remember, she was on the MU board of Trustees when I was Diocesan President, gave the talk. She runs ‘Wakiso,’ a home for pregnant girls, some as young as 14, in the centre of Kampala. She encouraged members to become actively involved in helping families who are struggling with all types of issues even in the slum areas. The service lasted for over 5 hours and although I had been invited to stay for lunch, I decided I needed to go home and relax.

Another week has ‘whizzed’ by! Monday, I was in the office most of the day but there was no power, later in the afternoon I went with the boys to watch them play football, which they really enjoy.

Please open the PDF file to read the rest of her email and to see the super photos she has added. Best wishes Sheilah Girgis-Hanna

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