Hope and Confidence for 2020

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Tuesday, 31 December 2019, 18:35

2020 with hope and confidence

2020 with hope and confidence

Looking forward to 2020, we hear from our Central Chaplain, Bishop Emma Ineson that the theme for the MU this year is ‘growing in hope and confidence’ and there is no story more filled with hope and confidence than the Christmas story of God coming to earth as a helpless child and placing himself into the care of an ordinary couple. God must be very confident of his beloved children for him to entrust himself to their loving care and although we must often feel that we live in a broken world surrounded by a care-less society, personally, I am full of hope and confidence that we don’t. Of course, when we read the news and watch accounts on the television about the ‘awful’ world we live in, a world where no one cares about anyone, how everyone is fighting everyone, etc. one cannot help but fall into the negativity trap. But we very seldom hear about the positive and hopeful people who, with great confidence do all they can to help others uplift their lives whilst giving generously to those in need… The majority of people are good but we seldom here of them, they go about their business quietly helping others along their way, by listening, giving, supporting, advising and just putting out their hand in friendship. Perhaps giving those who are in trouble, funding or sustenance. God alone knows who those people are! People like those who belong and have supported the Mother’s Union for many years.

So, don’t give up hope, look forward with confidence to the year of 2020… Many blessings and a very, very peaceful, healthy and happy New Year – And remember that you are never alone – God is always with you – Walking by your side and supporting you when you are in need. x

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