Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Sunday, 18 June 2017, 22:21

Pray for Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

Pray for Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

Lucy Bubb has been in contact with our Wave of Prayer links asking if they have any particular needs that they would like us to pray about during our special time in the Wave of Prayer diary (18 - 20 June). I've heard back from Sandra, who is our contact for Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. and they said that there are some problems and some challenges that they would like us to pray for they are:

1) There is an increase in gang violence here which is affecting not just gang members but their families as well. We have a saying in Jamaica; 'If you can't catch Quaco, you catch his shirt'. Meaning, when they can't find the offending person, they punish a relative.

2) We have been having a lot of heavy rain that is damaging agricultural production and flooding homes. Please pray for the displaced families. Climate change is real in our part of the world.

3) We have a possible cholera patient who has been isolated. And we are anxiously awaiting test results from the lab in Trinidad.

4) We export the Parenting Programme to the Cayman Islands this July. Please pray for receptive facilitators and parents.

Many thanks Sandra, we will pray for you - Lucy

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