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posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 24 August 2016, 19:49

Mrs. Beryl Okumu-Oking - 1

Mrs. Beryl Okumu-Oking - 1

Dear MU Members, in the last 6 weeks or so, we've been able to make contact with another one of our Wave of Prayer links: The Military Episcopate, Kenya. I am sure you will be delighted to 'Read all about it…'

Making contact with our Wave of Prayer links - Military Episcopate, Kenya

On 20th June, during our Wave of Prayer time and after much persistence, we managed to make contact with Mrs. Beryl Okumu-Oking, of the Military Episcopate. We are the first of the link diocese to make contact with them and we have now been able to introduce Sandra, from Jamaica and the Cayman Islands to them as well. Lucy Bubb

Here is some information and photos from Beryl:

I am a Mothers' Union member and married to Lt. Col Amos Oking of the Military Episcopate under the big umbrella of Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) and am so humbled and privileged to write back to you. As you have stated, it would be my greatest joy if we get to know each other well and work together to that which Christ has called us to.

Apart from being a Mothers’ Union member with the Military Episcopate, am also a registered MU member with Maseno South Diocese in Nyanza, I work in a University as a lecturer under the Nutrition Department, and am a mother of two boys and a girl.

The Military Episcopate covers 26 parishes/bases. Our churches have many groups/fellowship Mothers Union, Men Association, Youths among others, our responsibility as Mothers Union is guided by our five MU principles, under the leadership of women who take care of all Anglican women activities in the church. The main meetings are held quarterly with the Principle Chaplain and the spiritual leaders of various parishes where all the matters of each parish is shared and way forward planned. Mothers Union members are involved in so many activities in the churches and outside, and our main function concerns the families. As you may have heard, a number of our uniformed men and women are away in deployment in war zone countries. It’s one area where we really need God's intervention to restore peace and grant our military safety. Please remember us in prayers. We attend very many conferences and seminars where quite a number of things concerning family, marriage and the youths are taught, and I have attached some photos from our events.

We are so grateful for your continuous prayers. Mrs. Beryl Okumu-Oking

Mrs. Beryl Okumu-Oking - 2

Mrs. Beryl Okumu-Oking - 2

Mrs. Beryl Okumu-Oking - 3

Mrs. Beryl Okumu-Oking - 3

Mrs. Beryl Okumu-Oking - 4

Mrs. Beryl Okumu-Oking - 4

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Comment 1 | From: Diana Bubb | Date: 24 August 2016, 21:41

This is wonderful news, to make contact with our special Wave of Prayer Links,makes our prayers for them more meaningful .What a lovely bunch of MU Members,and how great to be part of the MU family with them.

Comment 2 | From: Joan Vine | Date: 25 August 2016, 08:41

Why not tell them that their news and pictures are on the Chelmsford MU website and send them a link?

Comment 3 | From: Pauline Randall | Date: 25 September 2016, 18:03

Great to see and read this. We will share at our meeting this week. Well done.

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