Salvador’s Street Children. 

posted by: Joan | on: Wednesday, 19 April 2017, 08:47

Street Children

Street Children

I have a great concern for babies and children and it never fails to make my heart ache when I hear about children being used and abused, left and neglected therefore, I just couldn’t ignore an article that came to my attention the other day. The article told of a man called David Baker who read a book published in 1937 about the orphaned children of Salvador, called ‘Captains of the Sands’ by Jorge Amado and he was so intrigued by the story that he felt a great urge to go to Brazil to see if life had changed much for the children who lived on the streets of the City, or if indeed there were any?

The novel written in 1937 told of a gang of orphaned children living their life on the streets and unfortunately it seems that little has changed in over eighty years. Apparently, there are still thousands of children and young people who roam the city streets, sleeping rough and living as best they can. Mr Baker interviewed some of the street children concentrating on a teenager aged about 17 who he asked to tell of his life in the city. The teenager said that he had roamed the streets since he was a small child, dressed in rags and dirty, thieving, begging and fighting just to stay alive. The teenager said that he had been part of a drugs gang and said how much he regretted his time with them even though, at the time, it seemed the only way to exist and still eat. He ‘worked’ with the gang for a long time, trafficking, stealing, even killing! Mr Baker said that the teenager wouldn’t go into any details but said again how much he regretted his life with the gang but it was a case of kill or be killed.

The teenager now lives in a government run shelter that takes orphaned children and adolescents off the streets and endeavours to re-integrate them into ‘normal’ life. Many of the children come from broken homes or from homes where the families cannot care for them or afford to feed them properly. Unfortunately, there are still many children living on the streets and like all uncared for and unprotected children they run the risk of being picked up by one of the may drugs gangs that run vast areas of Brazil’s third-largest city. Let us pray for the street children of Brazil and for all unprotected babies, children and teenagers.

Picture by ArmyAmba from pixabay

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