Saturday 27th November

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Friday, 26 November 2021, 21:51

No more 1-in-3

No more 1-in-3

Saturday 27th November: Today is the Mothers’ Union Global Day of Action when many of our members will be coming together to raise awareness of the 16 Days campaign. Chelmsford Mothers’ Union members will be wearing purple scarves and observing a three-minute silence at 1.03pm as part of our ‘no more 1 in 3’ message, highlighting the terrible statistic that one in three women will be impacted by some form of violence in their lifetime.

Lord, today we make a commitment to take a stand: to say ‘no more 1 in 3’, to use our eyes to see where change needs to be made, to use our voices to challenge injustice in our world. May we support people experiencing abuse, enabling them to reach their full potential and may we call for change. Amen.

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