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posted by: Joan | on: Saturday, 18 February 2017, 18:15

Barbados MU Banner

Barbados MU Banner

Doris Baker who is a Diocesan Member and her husband Peter went on a very enviable Caribbean Cruise in January. They said after arriving home, what a wonderful time and experience they had enjoyed. The cruise took in all the major Caribbean islands which they said was wonderful, however, one island in particular, will be very memorable for them - it was the Island of Barbados.

They left the boat for a day trip around Bridgetown and to their amazement they came across a church called St Mary’s, which is the name of their very own church in the village of Broomfield! Of course, they couldn’t possible have passed by without going in and much to Doris’ surprise and great pleasure she found an article written by Iris Harewood who is the Diocesan President of the Barbados MU. The article featured in the December 2016 newspaper ‘The Anglican’ in which the President sent Christmas Greeting to all her Brothers and Sisters in Christ in which she reminds every one of the joyous Christmas message and welcomes all the new born babies who had arrived throughout the year, especially the very new-born who had come like Jesus, during the Christmas season, she also remembers to pray especially for all the mothers who have lost their babies or young children in 2016, Iris reminds grieving parents that they are never alone as God promised that ‘He will never leave us or forsake us.’

Iris Harewood continued by asking all her members to share the love of Christ with all they meet and to remember that God’s Gift to the human race should be held central to all they do. Iris ends her article with the 16th Verse from St John’s gospel that says ‘God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.’

By Iris Harewood DP of BMU

By Iris Harewood DP of BMU

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