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Greetings from overseas

Greetings from overseas


We are delighted to have established good three-way communication with two of our Wave of Prayer Dioceses: Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, and the Military Episcopate of Kenya.

We sent an e-card with Christmas/New Year greetings to these two Dioceses:

“With our love and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you and our Mothers’ Union sisters overseas.

Pamela, Lucy and Flavia (on behalf of Judith, our Diocesan President, and all MU members in the Chelmsford Diocese)”

We would like to pass on the greetings that we received. Mrs Sandra Becca wrote to us as follows:

Dear Sisters in Christ,

On behalf of the Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and the Mothers' Union in particular, allow me to wish you a Blessed and Holy Christmas Season.

It was wonderful sharing with you over the past year. I look forward to sharing with you in the new year as we strive to learn more about each other. May the Good Lord bless you, your families, your Diocese and the Mothers' Union abundantly in 2017. Shalom Sandra

Sandra also sent us a lovely e-card for the new year, with “music and movement” – which is reproduced here.

Please note: I could only capture the greeting card as a still version nevertheless, I am sure you will still enjoy the PDF file set at the end of the article. Joan

Mrs Beryl Okumu of the Mothers’ Union in the Military Episcopate of Kenya also wrote to us:

Greetings & Happy New Year.

We thank God for everything. Must thank you for the continuous support & prayers that keep us going. May God bless all of you. Love, Beryl

Both Sandra and Beryl have their own close families who need their care, they have jobs (in education and in nutrition, respectively), and they are actively involved in Mothers’ Union activities.

Sandra has written of supporting prisoners by the donations of toiletries; the training of Parenting Facilitators; and a new role for MU members as Chaplains in local church schools. The Guest Speaker at Sandra’s Deanery Prayer Breakfast, an annual event, was a woman Detective Sergeant, and discussion included conviction rates for abuse cases, and jury duty.

Beryl has had an especially difficult time in 2016 with the sudden and unexpected death of her mother, and illness in the family. Her husband is an officer in the Kenyan Army; part of her MU role is to support military families through bereavement, which must be truly valuable to those affected. Her MU members are on the whole younger than in an “ordinary” branch or diocese, consisting of the wives of serving soldiers and women in the military – though some retirees choose to maintain their membership.

In the autumn we were able to react swiftly to a request for prayer from Jamaica, where Hurricane Matthew was due to strike. MU members in Chelmsford were alerted to this via the website. Although damage was done, it was not as great as initially feared. However, other islands in the West Indies were faced with their own associated problems.

We continue to try to make contact with our other linked Dioceses:

Rejaf in South Sudan

Doko and Owo in Nigeria.

We understand the difficulties of communication particularly in Africa, with intermittent or non-existent internet access and questionable, slow postal services. However we hope that 2017 will see a way forward, perhaps facilitated by staff at Mary Sumner House.

Pamela Hibbert, Lucy Bubb and Flavia Woodwark


pdf file Download Greetings Card (61 kb)

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