WEST AFRICA and Mothers’ Union

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 21 February 2018, 11:02

Senya-Beraku West Africa

Senya-Beraku West Africa

West Africa is making impressive progress in economic growth, democratization and regional co-operation, since the beginning of 2000.

Recently, however, there has been a rise in violence, conflict, drug trafficking, piracy and extremism which has given concern to its future development. Stability needs to be supported to reduce violence and conflict over the longer term. Intervention is needed in many areas, including strengthening local governance, improving land management and improving job creation.

Since independence, there has been several large-scale civil wars. In the new millennium, however, the incidence of civil war and large-scale conflicts has significantly decreased, helping to stabilize the political situation in the region. Unfortunately, there has also been a rise of new threats including drug trafficking and piracy. Poor land management and a large increase in migration has not helped.

Regional bodies, such as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has played a pivotal role in bringing an end to many conflicts There has also been a rapid mobilization of foreign aid, and strong leadership has helped the path to stability.

The development aid needs to be concentrated on the regions needing it most. There is a boom in extractive discoveries, where grievance and corruption need to be addressed. Large-scale migration is a matter for concern, and these migrants need to be managed properly. Education needs to be increased to provide a skilled labour-force.

Strong local government and more citizen participation will provide improved accountability, and better public services.

Mothers’ Union is strong in West Africa. Take these examples:

Sierra Leone: Mothers’ Union is tackling one of the country’s biggest problems, that of female illiteracy. Literacy projects are already up and running, including teaching writing, reading and numeracy, with the aim of females taking on more leadership roles within their communities. Other projects include producing tie-dye products to sell to markets, managing pre-schools, visiting hospital patients and health-awareness workshops. Members in BO produce a radio programme that discusses how HIV/AIDS is being tackled. Members work with health professionals visiting pregnant women at home for confidential counselling. Sierra Leone has almost a thousand MU members doing amazing work.

Nigeria: There are over 160 dioceses with more than 100,000 Mothers’ Union members. They work on the empowerment of women and young girls, organising prayer conferences and concentrating on the health of their people. In some diocese they are teaching young girls to make stain removers and disinfectant to supply them with an income. Other diocese concentrates on engaging with local communities to support family life, teaching literacy and other life skills, caring for the sick and elderly and even agricultural training. Nigeria is the only country in West Africa to have Mothers’ Union Worldwide Parenting Programme. With Mothers’ Union help, the future looks a lot brighter for the people of Nigeria.

Gambia: There are some 125 members of Mothers’ Union in Gambia bringing Evangelism and social responsibility to the people. Nurseries and schools have also been set up.

We stand united with our sisters in the Mothers’ Union, so let us pray together:

Loving Lord. We thank you for Your love so freely given to us all. We pray for families around the world. Bless the work of the Mothers’ Union as we seek to share your love through the encouragement strengthening and support of marriage and family life. Empowered by Your Spirit, may we be united in prayer and worship, and in love and service reach out as Your hands across the world. In Jesus’ name.


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