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posted by: Joan | on: Saturday, 11 March 2017, 20:03



On 22nd February I posted an article called ‘Hunger in South Sudan’ I have now been alerted by Lucy Bubb that the Mothers' Union has been supporting the regional crisis since December 2013 a disaster that has been made ever more acute owning to the civil war that rages there.

It is estimated that somewhere around 1.5 million people have fled the area and it is also estimated by the UN that some 2 million people have been displaced, many of which are children. Many of the people, young and old alike are suffering from hunger and malnutrition and so far, their cry for help has received very little international aid and is therefore very underfunded.

The Mothers’ Union aims to fund a fifty-thousand-pound emergency relief project in response to the worsening crisis. If you would like to help the Mothers’ Union reach its target you can send a donation to the Sudan Relief Project by going onto the official Mothers’ Union website here: Thank You!

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