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Our new President Maxine

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Friday, 21 January 2022, 17:05

Our new President Maxine on her special day,

As we begin the new Triennium, I, personally, face one of the biggest challenges of my life. In her sermon on Sunday, Mo Margaret Chapman said we had to listen when Jesus called and respond which meant making transformations in our lives. Well, when I responded to our past-president Judith’s request to pray about finding her successor, I l ... read more

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Happy New Year!

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Tuesday, 11 January 2022, 08:12

God Bless

Welcome to 2022 - a New Year and the start of a new triennium. Some of you will, like me, be new to your role; others, will just be carrying on as usual. Whether you have an “official” position or are simply a member, may God bless you as we move forward together in faith, following in Mary Sumner's footsteps, to bring about transformat ... read more

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