Thoughts on March from CDMU President

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Friday, 1 April 2022, 10:12

Thoughts on March

Thoughts on March

Thoughts on March: As we went through March, the slower pace of Lent was most welcome. I am particularly fortunate to have been able to enjoy a short cruise holiday in the glorious spring weather to Amsterdam, Hamburg and Antwerp. We had heard of the wonderful Ruebens paintings in the Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp. They are indeed impressive, but later, after pausing to pray in the chapel set aside for Ukraine, it was the modern bronze sculpture “The Man who bears the Cross” that caught my eye, causing me to pause for reflection as I was encouraged to try and maintain a spiritual equilibrium, to keep the cross in balance - very appropriate for a Lenten holiday.

Many of the Diocesan MU presidents around the country were commissioned at the weekend around Lady Day and we had a brief respite from Lent for Mothering Sunday. Please do aim to support the “Make a Mother’s Day” appeal, it’s not too late, as we all try to maintain a spiritual equilibrium and keep the cross in balance. It will very soon be Easter and a time to celebrate the wonderful good news of the cross and resurrection. God bless. Maxine x

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