Ukraine Refugees:

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 29 June 2022, 11:44

Children under fire...

Children under fire...

Ukraine Refugees: England has always been known as a country of welcome and sanctuary for those who are afraid for their lives. I can remember living in the Eastend of London, Bethnal Green, just a stone’s throw from Whitechapel, where many Jews came to settle, fleeing from Nazi Germany. I learned many years later that we were the only European country to provide space and safety to those being persecuted because of their faith. Of course, we couldn’t provide perfect safety as the Eastend of London was being bombed on a regular, sometimes nightly basis; but we could only do our best! And so it is with our Ukrainian sisters and their children, fleeing from the terror of war. One of the ladies at our church here in Broomfield has just housed a young mother and her special-needs son. Not altogether the easiest task to undertake, owing to the difference in Ukrainian lifestyle, food and of course, language difficulties. But I understand that meal times have been gradually getting easier and that our kind church member has a special app on her phone that translates speech from English into Ukraine and vice-versa, which makes conversations somewhat unusual but easier. I just thank God for people like our own welcoming church member – who is giving sanctuary to those fleeing from war-torn areas of the world, and if you want to read more about how members of the Mothers’ Union are helping, please read, or refresh your memory of the article ‘A place of Welcome’ in the spring edition of ’Connection 22’ starting on page 10, also, there is a special prayer for the people of Ukraine - Amen

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